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Solo Roadmap



  • Discord in operation
  • Seed nodes in operation
  • Hard fork at block 66,001- Slate becomes Solo
  • PoW improvements for lower end CPUs, CN-IO is born
  • Resolved inherited syncing related issues and node banning issues, stabilizing network



  • Emissions Schedule changed at block 88,001 - inspired by Bitcoin
  • Code rebase from Masari/Nerva upstream
  • Updated conditions that cause node bans, reduced unintentional banning further stabilizing network
  • Updated logging, color coding in Windows for easier reading
  • Prepared ANNs
  • Tested changes planned for v15 Hardfork


  • Fix for Monero vulnerability reported by RYO Developers merged
  • Auto detection algorithm to auto-configure mining threads added from Monero upstream
  • v1.0.3.5 released, v15 Hardfork Scheduled for block 227,001
    • SECOR (Uncle Mining) - Increased chain security, allows for faster block times
    • Full Bulletproofs - Reduced transaction size, lower fees
    • 20 Second Block Target - Fastest CN variant at time of launch
  • Mined money unlock window changed to 1000 blocks
  • Mined Block reward reduced to maintain emission schedule
  • Logos/Branding created
  • Website Launched
  • Block Explorer Launched
  • Gitlab Bot added to Discord, announcing all repository events
  • Social media accounts created, ANNs posted


  • SoloPay (Herb) the Discord tipbot launched
  • Solo Wiki launched, to become documentation and FAQ repository
  • v1.0.3.6 released, v16 Hardfork Scheduled for block 277,001
    • Vulnerability Patch
    • Logging improvements - Uncle Mining messages moved to a higher verbose level
    • Adjusted DAA to address difficulty variance with faster block times stabilizing network
  • v1.0.3.7 released
    • Logging improvements - node blocking messages moved to higher verbose level
    • Block versions < v1.0.3.6
  • v1.0.3.8 released
    • Block versions < v1.0.3.7, malicious client detected using v1.0.3.6
    • Logging improvements - additional messages moved to higher verbose level
    • Add checkpoints to improve v15 syncing


  • Roadmap Published

In Progress

  • Working with exchanges to list Solo - XSL
  • Syncing improvements
  • v1.0.3.9 - epee/p2p code, potentially more checkpointing/syncing work, other upstream change
  • v1.0.4.0 - Proof of Work changes to further randomize CN-IO and increase resistance to non-CPU mining techniques and transfer window changed to 20 (from 5)
  • Continued promotion through social media
  • Continued improvement of documentation

Future Plans

  • –minimum-mining-peers - Feature to halt miner when p2p connections drops below a user selected value and resume once peers exceed set value and client is in sync. Will reduce occurrence of local forking due to connection issues.
  • Additional Wallets - GUI Wallet, Web Wallet, Mobile Wallets (Android/iOS)
  • Technical whitepaper on CN-IO
  • Benchmark Mode - Feature will allow user to benchmark device hashrates and cryptographically publish results to the blockchain
  • P2P Pond Mining - Full Node solo CPU mining with pooled rewards - “Independent Work | Shared Rewards”
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