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eliminating economic incentives that lead to network centralization

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The Solo Mission

Solo has a goal of eliminating the economic incentives that lead to network centralization. We believe that pools, GPU Mining, and ASICs reduce security of networks and increase barriers to entry. Thus, power is centralized to a small group with enough scale to compete - the antithesis of Satoshi’s vision of “one CPU one vote.” We aim to make these centralizing technologies economically non viable as a solution for mining.

Solo’s mining algorithm, CN-IO, requires a fully synced copy of the blockchain on each mining node. Using the blockchain to randomize the scratchpad buffer produces millions of variations to the Cryptonight hash making Pool, GPU and ASIC mining impractical. As part of our future roadmap, we intend to research and develop additional randomization that will adapt to changing mining solutions with the goal of maintaining solo CPU mining as the only method of distribution.

With advancements in the crypto landscape, Solo aims to achieve true scalability by pursuing a scalable network all while maintaining a secured and decentralized state. In the recent addition of the SECOR tech layer, Solo was enabled faster transactions and preserved network integrity and stability through uncle mining. This provided Solo the opportunity to push itself one step closer towards a well balanced future.

Requesting Modifications and Additions

If there is an entry you'd like to modify or be added, please open an issue on the GitLab repository.

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